FleetAngels is a project run by local churches trying to make a difference in, to, and for our local community.



FleetAngels are out in Fleet every Saturday between 10pm and 2am to support those enjoying a night out.


Based in the car park of the Old Emporium, opposite the entrance to MooMoos, we give free tea and coffee to keep those waiting in queues warm, offer biscuits and sweets to boost energy levels, and have blankets and flip flops on hand to help those in need of some practical help. But we're also there for a chat, to help talk things through.


Teams of trained Community Volunteers also patrol Fleet Road, providing help, advice and reassurance. Our visitors include those who are out socially, taxi drivers, the police, and staff from nearby pubs and restaurants.


Why we do it

We believe life is meant for living. And for some that is often expressed at night, particularly at the weekend. But we also want people to be safe, and recognise that the nature of late night social life can leave people more vulnerable.


Jesus told a story about a Good Samaritan who helped a man who had been beaten and left for dead. He said that we should treat people similarly - i.e. we're supposed to look out for one another. And, quite simply, that's exactly what the FleetAngels are there to do. Following Jesus' teaching, we want to extend a helping hand and make a difference in our town.


who's involved

The project is staffed by volunteers from local churches and is enthusiastically supported by local businesses, Hart District Council, Hampshire Constabulary, and other local organisations.