FleetAngels exists only because people are willing to give up their time to make a difference to others. We welcome any Christian from one of the local churches to serve on team.


Find out why our Fleet Angels do it

Why not seek out the Fleet Angels in your church and, with an open mind, ask them about their experiences and why they do it? Reflect on what they tell you and then... PRAY!


Come out with us as an Observer

If you're interested in finding out more, why not email us and ask to go out as an Observer one evening? You can do this up to three times - no pressure, no commitment.


Prayer support is VITAL to Fleet Angels.

We believe prayer makes a real difference. As well as our amazing team of volunteers, we have a team who pray regularly for our volunteers' safety and the opportunity to share their faith as they demonstrate God's love through their actions.


Sign up for our prayer newsletter

If you can't commit to go out as part of the street team, why not commit to pray instead? Sign up below to receive our weekly prayer email.


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Take a moment to pray now...

If you have a moment right now, you could pray for:

  • Meaningful conversations
  • Safety at night
  • Good relationships with local businesses, the police, etc.

Thank you!



While our ongoing costs are low, the generosity of our supporters - combined with the various grants we are able to secure through our local relationships - enables us to be generous towards those we support on the streets.


Make a contribution

Gifts and donations towards the work of Fleet Angels can be given to Churches Together in Fleet & Church Crookham:



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Donate now via MyDonate

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Thank you.